This new suite of products for any type of industry uses AR recognition technology and 3D visualization to bring newspaper pages, magazine articles, and advertisements or even artictectures to life. VictoriaAR technology will also be deployed in outdoor signage, exhibitions, and other public forms of communication. VictoriaAR adds value to any existed content but most importantly, it adds of layer excitement, personal-ization, and contextual relevance, so necessary in modern bussiness.


It is our proprietary Augmented Reality publishing platform for books of all types. A totally new and powerful content creation engine that allows publishers to easily add App excitement, 3D animation and value to their existing content. We help publishers embed AR into their existing titles, or guide them through the creation of entirely new projects from scratch.

What we do

We have been revolutionizing the publishing industry by adapting our client’s pre-existing content to the world of augmented reality and by providing various B2B and B2C services.

APP Development

We are capable of developing a wide range of applications on various platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

BOOK Publishing

Victoria Productions can publish AR books based on any type of animated series. By scanning pages in the book, children can interact with the 3D characters from each episode using a tablet or smartphone.

Applying AR to any product

The technology is not just limited to paper. A wide range of characters, products, CD’ s, and photos can be easily transformed into an augmented reality BOOKplusAPP.

Content Development

We create and develop a variety of contents using 3D animation, motion graphics, and 2D designs. We help clients develop story ideas that will suit their needs. Our only limit is your imagination.