Our Solutions

Our company has proudly been a pioneer in the augmented reality industry for over 7 years. We have been revolutionizing the publishing industry by adapting our client’s pre-existing content to the world of augmented reality and by providing various B2B and B2C services. Our products contribute to the emerging industry of "Edutech" in order to supplement early childhood and adult learning with the latest technology available.  

Business-to-Business: Working with clients to add augmented reality to pre-existing content.
Business-to-Consumer: Providing educational Book+App products to customers.

Augmented Reality Publisher
book+app Augmented Reality Publisher

We add magic to plain paper books by providing 3D augmented reality to enhance client’s pre-existing content. Augmented reality is a way to view digital content that has been superimposed onto a real world environment and has the potential to turn any book into an interactive experience and engage readers in brand new ways.

Mobile App Development
book+app Mobile App Development

We develop and design mobile applications for clients using their pre-existing content. We are capable of developing a wide range of applications on various platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and android devices.

Content Provider
book+app Content Provider

Create and develop content for clients using 3D animation, motion graphics, 2D design, and augmented reality technology. We help clients develop story ideas that will suit their needs. Our only limit is your imagination.