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Both books and apps developed by our company can be used together to create a fun learning experience. By including integrated 2D/3D and augmented reality technology, children will be more engaged while learning which will help them to better retain information. To this date, we have developed over 650 applications, published 150 books and plan to continue to steadily expand our product range in the future.

1.Smart Class

Smart Class(building space)

As a space business that can practice future education, it provides interactive and natural immersive contents of various themes through hyper-connection, super-intelligence, and super-convergence by building smart classes in schools, institutions, libraries, educational sites, or educational theme parks. We suggest learning to happen together.

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Booktaverse is a compound word of BOOK and METAVERSE, a combination of books and apps. It is an educational platform that combines AR/VR/MR/Metaverse with kids books as contents that provide various learning activities linked to Book Plus app books. Scan the screen of the website with your smartphone with the app installed. Like magic, 2D/3D objects come to life on the storybook and read the book. It is a learner-centered educational metaverse.


3.AR Web Platform

Tagme3D - Word Phonics Book Series

'Tagme3D' consists of 4 books and 400 vocabulary words. It is composed of material covering basic spelling and phonics that should be learned before starting kindergarten. Using the latest AR technology that utilizes both physical book and mobile application, it is the leading educational book for learning phonics. When you scan the picture in the book with your smart phone or tablet the 3D item of that word appears spread out right in front of you. Use your device with our app to turn pictures into 3D objects with 360° views!

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LuLu&LaLa - 3D AR Scanning Book Series

'LuLuLaLa' is perfect for any young child. Its’ beautiful and entertaining 3D animations magically appear right on top of the books pages, making it easy for children to learn and understand new words and ideas. The app also allows parents to record their own voices, giving their child the ability to have storytime anytime they choose.

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AR Spookiz - 3D AR Scanning Book Series

The title ‘Spookiz’ comes from the word ‘spooky’ and ‘kids’. With the ‘AR Spookiz’ App, children can interact with the familiar faces of the Spookiz series. They will delight as each page springs to life with the 3D animated adventures of silly monsters in familiar school environments. Children can turn the book into a personalized interactive playground by using coloring and voice-recording features.

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AR TOTO - 2D AR Storytelling Series

'AR TOTO' stories have been carefully crafted to be fun for both parents and children. Each fairy tale-like story details a fun and exciting adventure that also serves to cultivate a child’s logical and critical thinking abilities. Each page of the ‘AR TOTO’ book series springs to life with 2D animation when viewed with a mobile device. The adorable characters dance, sing and respond to your child’s every touch.

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4.AR Mat


The “3D AR MAT” provides a safe environment for young children to learn English vocabulary and phonics while having fun. The friendly interface makes 3D AR MAT incredibly easy to use while keeping users engaged through enchanting animations. Learning English should be fun! That’s why 3D AR MAT combines emergent 3D and Augmented Reality technology with the fun of play mats to help teach vocabulary, phonics, and spellings of various animals in English. 3D AR MAT consists of 57 animals of all different shapes and sizes (birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects and more!)

Simply download the app to any smart device and scan the animal tags on the mat using the camera function. Watch in amazement as the animated 3D animals pop up from the screen. Experience them moving around while making authentic animal noises! You can use your fingers to interact with the animals by rotating them or by making them bigger and smaller. Tap the 3D animals on your screen to reveal the English spelling and pronunciation of their names. Parents can use the custom voice-recording feature to personalize the app for their children either in English or in another language. The app can be downloaded on both iTunes and Google Play.

* Patent Number/Date: 1020150035306 (2015.03.13)

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