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Both books and apps developed by our company can be used together to create a fun learning experience. By including integrated 3D and augmented reality technology, children will be more engaged while learning which will help them to better retain information.
To this date, we have developed over 200 applications, published 50 books and plan to continue to steadily expand our product range in the future.

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LuLuLaLa (www.LuLunLaLa.com)

Get ready to experience a new and interactive way to read with your child! Simply download the LuLuLaLa app and scan a page with your device. Watch as this engaging story comes to life through beautiful 3D animation! Introducing the world’s first image recognition & 3D animation story books from Victoria Productions Inc.
These apps combine beautiful 3D animations and printed books to make unforgettable storytelling magic.

Book+App LuLuLaLa Preview01
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Book+App LuLuLaLa Preview03
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Book+App LuLuLaLa Magic Cupcake
Book+App LuLuLaLa Christmas Eve
Book+App LuLuLaLa Water Park

In today’s busy world, with all the distractions competing for our children’s attention, books like the LuLuLaLa series, with their numerous interactive features, will keep curious kids challenged and interested – and better prepared to succeed in a technology-driven society

Jim Barnes, Awards Director, IndependentPublisher.com
Tagme3D (www.Tagme3D.com)

“Tagme3D” is an innovative educational app that makes learning English both simple and exciting. This application uses emergent 3D and Augmented Reality technology to combine spelling, phonics, and visual representations to help build your vocabulary. The friendly interface makes Tagme3D incredibly easy to use while keeping users engaged through enchanting animations.

Tagme3D Preview01
Tagme3D Preview02
Tagme3D Preview03
Tagme3D Preview04
Tagme3D Preview05
Tagme3D Preview06
Book+App Tagme3D Book1
Book+App Tagme3D Book2
Book+App Tagme3D Book3
Book+App Tagme3D Book4

The Tagme3D books are a futuristic step toward helping families solve some of the reading skill problems children face today. By making the learning process challenging and fun, these books and apps bring a whole new dimension to literacy improvement.

im Barnes, Director, Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards
PEP (www.appPEP.com)

The “Perfect English Pronunciation” (PEP) app is the first in its category that truly improves English pronunciation. It uses the most effective methods of accent reduction through fascinating see-through 3D animations. Susan Cameron is Master Teacher and Chair of Voice and Speech at the famed CAP21 conservatory, New York City; professor of speech at New York University.

Book+App Perfect English Pronunciation
3dARMat (www.3dARMat.com)

"3D AR MAT" provides a safe environment for young children to learn English vocabulary and phonics while having fun.

Book+App Augmented Reality Mat
Book+App Augmented Reality Mat Book+App Augmented Reality Mat Book+App Augmented Reality Mat Book+App Augmented Reality Mat Book+App Augmented Reality Mat Book+App Augmented Reality Mat

* Patent Number/Date: 1020150035306 (2015.03.13)

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